The Greatest Guide To Doc Johnson Super Sucker

Super Sucker is perfect for guys that need extra stimulation to satisfy their cravings. Slip your penis in and feel that the pronounced ribs that will deliver instant satisfaction.

Made from UR3® for an incredibly lifelike feel, its luscious lips and open shaft are excellent for deep throating! Produced from phthalate-free body safe material, which includes Doc's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula and is Proudly Made in America.

Complex UR3 material feels like flesh, and the tunnel is filled with orgasmic texture to produce every stroke better.

The tight inside is lined with firm ridges and lumps to massage your full duration for an explosive, ball-draining orgasm.

The stretchy sleeve yields to consume your full length and girth, stroking every inch of you with amazing sensations! Bury yourself balls deep over and over again!

For the best experience, add water-based lube for an easy, comfortable stroke. Additionally, this reduces wear on the toy, so that it can keep pleasing you for more.

Infused with Doc Johnson's Sil-A-Gel formula, this sleeve is sterile, sterile, and has antibacterial properties that help to prolong its life.

Imagine watching a great, conservative porn picture. Imagine getting your favorite porn star somehow step through the screen and come to life right in front of you and proceed to give you the very best oral sex you ever needed. At this time, you do not need to imagine it anymore. The Doc Johnson -- Super Sucker Ultraskyn will give you that exact same feeling and then a few.

Get ready to clean your program when this feat of technology arrives to a door since you are going to want to use it over and over again. If you have any doubts about whether it will fit your penis, large or small, then forget about them. 14 cm in length and almost 8 cm in diameter will more than match around your cock, embrace it and give it a good rubbing. The front of the toy has a perfect opening for you, with luscious lips waiting to be abused and used, while the heavy shaft is prepared to be filled with your fighter to supply you with a more deep-throating sensation. Your eyes will move from Doc Super Sucker the display, to the sex toy as it has a very serene visual stimulant due to its white color that will highlight the moves that you make with this.

Whenever you're in need of a fast launch or a slow and steamy marathon session, make certain to have exactly the Doc Johnson -- Super Sucker Ultraskyn and a bottle of lubricant next to you to allow you to forget about the old ways of masturbating. 1 try with our ground-breaking toy and you will never want to return ever again.

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